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OER with Mahara ePortfolio platform and SWORD

Portfolio Commons Nutshell Post


In this project we aim to enable the users of the UAL e-portfolio system (based on Mahara)
to be able to select content from their portfolio and deposit it directly into the UAL learning resource repository (based on EdShare) and Jorum. Will do this by using SWORD protocol – which involves some customisation of EdShare and Jorum.

SWORD is a more mature offering than it was before – but the tricky bit is getting it installed in Mahara and getting the two target repositories to accept our SWORD content and hopefully ‘display’ to users.

We shall be working with

  • Jorum Service, MIMAS, University of Manchester
  • Richard Jones (Cottage Labs) – one of the original SWORD team
  • EdShare/Eprints (ECS Partners Ltd)

Below is our use case diagram that is also clear (I hope) about the kind of interactions we are looking at

Portfolio Commons PC Use Case Diagram

Portfolio Commons PC Use Case Diagram

Benefits of this inlcude:

  • Making deposit in the repositories a lot less of a hassle for users
  • Giving the users a list of ‘published’ items with URLs that they can reference in the future
  • Helping us learn more about SWORD and identifying other applications for its use (with WordPress and Drupal for instance) as well as thinking about other ways to link our various systems together

Typical User Journey/Walkthrough/Benefits/Issues

  • The user wants to select and share some of their work with the world via a repository – they have to choose what to share and decide how much (can already do this in mahara) – they could archive their whole portfolio but that is not the intention – we will need to have advice about the need to be selective and the benefits/reasons for sharing their work (to be OERs for others and to have web ref on their CV?)
  • They have to select a repository and a licence (probably need a pop-up link or some such about each repos and the CC licence system
  • They hit a ‘deposit button’ and should see a progress bar and get an email confirmation with a link to the resource
  • They should have access to a list of resources they have deposited with Titles, Descriptions etc and web links to the item in a repo – would be really nice if the number of view/downloads was displayed next to each item
  • Need to think about versioning and overwriting options and whether that can be done in the scope of this project



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