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OER with Mahara ePortfolio platform and SWORD

Project Work Plan


 Work Plan

WP1 Startup Prepare detailed plan within 2 weeks /  Arrange and brief staff / Project web site, Blog and Twitter. Finalise & sign consortium agreement / Initial team and user workshops / Establish code repository that is open to the community /  Month 1
WP 2 Wider Community Engagement Contact OER programme and Rapid Innovation community organisations and projects (SWORD project, DEVCSI, Mahara Dev Community, ePortfolio communities) / attend meetings / respond to enquiries / Month 1- 6
WP 3 User Consultations and Prototyping Understanding current practice  (UAL ‘Workflow’ Portfolio system, Jorum, EdShare)/ Explain Concepts / Discuss paper and wireframe prototypes and examples / Identify User needs / identify user requirements/ Identify technical problems for early attention Month 1 – 2
WP 4 Decision making and code prototypes Validate requirements and scenarios /Develop functional specifications / develop needs hierarchy and evaluate / Target critical technical problems for early attention (small test code prototypes) / plan development activities Month 1 – 2
WP 4 Development Analysis and Design / Code Development / Iteration with test users / Testing / Release to users for testing / Final version Month 1 – 6
WP 5 General User Release and Support User Communications Plan / Training Materials and Help system / Acceptance testing and evaluation / final review of code Month 4 – 6
WP 6 Winding Up Final release of code under OSI licence with full user and developer documentation/ Project reports on website Month 6

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