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In another quick flurry of activity on the project, before I go on holiday, I’ve implemented the selection of the repository collection to deposit to when exporting Mahara Pages via SWORD.

The list of available collections is retrieved and displayed dynamically when a repository is selected.
I expect repository collections in real-world applications to be named in a more user-friendly way than those shown in the SWORD test server in the screenshot above ; ) Ideally the names of the available collections will make the point of categorizing by collection apparent.
I extended the Mahara PluginExport class to support a ‘target’ value, which holds details of a remote repository and the targeted collection there.

I also implemented the actual depositing of simple zipped HTML packages from Mahara to a repository via SWORD.

With these pieces in place we now have the depositing process working, all the way through from selection of repository, repository collection and Pages to be exported, through to the display of feedback to the user after a successful deposit.

The next steps will involve looking at writing metadata for the packages, investigating accepted package types in different repositories, and making our deposited content browseable in the target repository. I’m pleased to say that we have functioning E-Prints and Edshare test repositories to test against.

But first – holidays!

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